Thursday, 26 June 2014

St Denis and the Denisians

 St Denis of Brisbane arrives in Malta in freshly laundered robes to convert the locals to his Denisian ways. It is believed he swam from Australia and landed at this holy point hereafter named Dxenixsian Cove (Maltese always have at least one X in a name which is silent - as is the Denisian Order).

St Denis is reputed to have emerged with a sea bass in one hand and a sardine in the other. He then bought a loaf of bread at the local Cash and Carry and ordered a pint of Cisk lager before revealing to the assembled tourists his mission: "Repent" said he "and follow me. For the water is clear and the fish are many." He then proceeded to attempt to put on his underpants while wearing his robe and surrounded by inquisitive onlookers. A miracle of sorts.

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