Saturday, 21 June 2014

When men become gods - an age old story.

The Knights of St John of Malta began humbly enough despite their membership being limited to the knighted class. They did have some sense of purpose. After they defeated the Ottomans in the 16th Century they became ensconced in Malta for 250 years and became bored. So they built a church. And from a simple austere exterior exalting God they gradually became so self serving and full of their own importance that they ultimately exalted themselves above their God.
 A few things to note. The floor is a patchwork of exquisite marble mosaics
The relief carvings which cover every surface of the building are actually not added but carved into the limestone walls then covered with gold leaf.

There are eight chapels - one for each of the eight national groups represented in the ranks of the Knights of St John (the more likely story of the source of the eight points of the Maltese Cross). My favourite in the who can outdo whom in the knights stakes, has a gold image of himself surrounded by the paraphernalia of war (though he never fought as this was a time of peace). His throne is supported by an Asiatic and an African figure. He is triumphant over the world.
 So much self glory. So much money. Such a good tour guide. If you're coming to Malta check out Nick's 'foundinmalta' facebook page.

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