Sunday, 15 June 2014

My Swimming Pool

 I am spoilt for choice. There is this giant pool (above) which is simply a repository of harbour water filled and refilled by the tide via a hole in the side of the wall. It's not controlled but simply part of the harbour - same level, same water. Beside it( behind it in the picture) is another enclosure marked by a line of buoys and a rope which is twice as big - at least 100 metres in length and 40 metres from rocks to rope. This latter is my preferred lap pool. These are everywhere around Malta's harbours and are very popular in places though this one is hardly used. I have it to myself. This is on the other side of the peninsula which makes up Valletta - about 5 minutes walk from where I am. That's Sliema in the background - very modern. very expensive.

I did go the the National Swimming Complex last week to do some laps in a pool with lanes but when I got there they wanted E11 for a single visit (that's almost $20). And as it had taken me an hour to find the place including two buses and numerous directions I felt I had no choice. It has none of the charm of open water. The water tasted terrible, it was crowded and I was in a lifeless tiled and concrete box. I paid for a week thinking I'd get better value for money that way but on my second attempt to get there, the buses conspired to defeat me and I headed for the harbour instead.
Look closely and you'll see the line of buoys on the left top of the image.

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