Thursday, 13 June 2013

My Missing Life - My missing great grandfather

One hundred and thirty years after Lorenzo Capelin disembarked in Sydney under a name different to the family name he carried for the rest of his life and which he passed to hundreds of descendants; and ten years of research into this mystery I might have cracked it (see below). There may very well be documentation pertaining to my great grandfather as Lorenzo Perin. I had almost given up hope. I'm checking whether this is a yes or a no. It looks like a positive even though the translation seems to say differently.

Needless to say I have replied with further questions and, as I will be in Brugnera in exactly one week, I hope I can get a clearer picture on the spot.
I'll keep you posted.
My request (thanks to Google translate)
'1 maggio 2013
Commune di Prata di Pordenone, Italia

Spettabile Direzione,
Per una ricerca sulla mia familigia desidero ottenere il certifico di nascita.
Nome: Lorenzo Perin (Supre nome Cappellin)
Data di nascita: 1837
Luogo di : Ghirano
Nome del padre: Giacomo Perin
Nome della madre: Teresa Cattai

Sono in Italia in giugno 2013 per ricerca.
Rimanendo in attesa di Suocortese riscontro, porgo distinti saluti.'

Literal translation (no thanks to Google translate):

'May 1, 2013
Commune Prata di Pordenone, Italy

Dear Management,
For a search on my familigia want to get certify the birth.
Name: Lorenzo Perin (Suprenome Cappellin)
Date of birth: 1837
Place: Ghirano
Father's name: Jacomo Perin
Mother's Name: Teresa Cattai

I'm in Italy in June 2013 for research.
Listening for your reply, Best regards,'

 The reply today:

'In riferimento a Vs. richiesta e-mail del 01.05.2013, si comunica che non
> è possibile trasmettere il certificato di nascita del Suo avo PERIN
> Lorenzo, poichè, come risulta dall'esame dei registri angrafici qui
> conservati, è nato nel Comune di Brugnera il 27.10.1837.
> A disposizione per eventuali chiarimenti, si porgono distinti saluti.
> L'Ufficiale d'Anagrafe deleg.
> Giovanna Romano'

 Translates as:

'In reference to your request e-mail address of 01.05.2013, notice is hereby
given that you can not transmit the birth certificate of his grandfather
Lorenzo, since, as is apparent from an examination of records angrafici here
preserved, was born in the municipality of Brugnera on 10/27/1837.
At your disposal for any clarification, you
Best regards.
The Journal of Registry deleg.
Giovanna Romano' 

I think this means I should approach Commune di Brugnera for the next step.

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