Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Day 2 Codogne, Cimetta

 Codogne gets multiple mentions in the Veneto story so I had to go. It was a little strange. I found it but couldn't find a centre. This church was once the centre I presume and then fell into disrepair or the devil took it over. It's been restored but meanwhile the locals have built a new modest and modern church which could have been built at Chermside in Brisbane. And there i found a centre. A village without a spire at its centre just didn't make sense.
Inside the Codogna church

Perhaps a barn which may have housed Lorenzo's family
 Cimetta on the other hand has neither church nor steeple. It's a name on the map but is really part of Codogne. I'm sure they call themselves Cimetta as do we call ourselves Hill End and not West End in Brisbane.
A sign and 400 metres of road
There was, however, a roadside caffe which was packed with men on a Sunday morning at 8:15 so I stopped and had a coffee and toasted my bis-nonna (great g'mother) Maria Lucon who I believe was born here.

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