Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day 1 Brugnera

 Brugnera is probably the most likely place of birth of Lorenzo and his first two children Maria and Domenico. It's charming and follows the shape of the stream besides which it sits. The street life was sedate3 but villages are often only separated by a few kilometres and often only by a signpost telling you you have left one and are entering another. The five or six villages i am visiting (Codogna and Cimetta to come on day two) are probably a days walk between the most distant two points at most. They are simple but I like them a lot. They are authentic. No tourists. Almost no English. and strong on local connections. Summer is definitely a good time to visit. everything is growing, its warm and people are out and about. It could be miserable in winter.

I haven't forgotten Catterina Cescon and Maria Lucon (bisnonno number 1 and 2 - Lorenzo married twice) . Cimetta tomorrow.


Mickcap said...

Hi Steve, I am enjoying your descriptions of the towns and countryside. It is still a rural farming area isn't it. Any new discoveries via Maria of birth records?
Enjoy the journey, Mick

Mickcap said...
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little hat said...

Hi Mick, I've given up on certificates. I've decided to just enjoy the villages and the people and get a feel for the place. I'll keep sending letters when i get back but, at this stage i feel satisfied with what i know. Being here has helped piece it together a bit in terms of locality and distances and lifestyle. and yes it's a strange mix of rural (every inch under cultivation) and indusrtrial - manufacturing plants dot the landscape on the edge of almost every village. But ultimately it's still village life albeit 21st Century style.