Thursday, 27 June 2013


Front door of Marco's B&B
I'm pretty confident that if Lorenzo and company came via Bergamo they wouldn't have climbed the hill to the old town. They would have stayed close by the station. Pity, because this what they would have found. This is the front door to the apartment I'm in for the night. Its been owned by Marco and his family for two hundred years. He's an educated man but yet another who has never heard of New Guinea.

This is the viw from my room. It's five flights with no lift but it's worth the climb.

View across the roof tops

Two hundred years to collect some nice furniture and Marco and his family have done a pretty good job.

Another street view from above. Bergamo is a hill town in that its on a hill. It's popular with the Milano set who head here for the weekend to cool off in the summer heat.
It's gentle; its quiet. Its a lovely break in the middle of a busy week. Tomorrow and the next will be big days. Torino (Turin) via Milan in the morning and the next day Torino to Ventimiglia - the longest leg of them all.

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