Sunday, 23 June 2013

Da1. Marco Polo Aeroporto to Orsago

In Veneto with a sense of isolation.

I tried my Italian out on the taxi driver and the clerk at the hotel and again this morning buying a bus ticket to Treviso. I’d like to have said Vorrai  un bigleterre a Treviso per favore  but instead said Autobus a Treviso? And the girl at the desk filled in the rest. They keep speaking to me in English. I insist on using my halting Italian which must really piss them off. At least they speak back to me without looking completely confused. They seem to understand my simple phrases. It takes a lot of mental preparation and then gets confusing when they do reply in Italian. I’m doubling their work. They have to say everything twice and just to add to the dance I repeat everything in both languages too.

Paid 10E for a 3 minute ride from the hotel  to the airport and then bought a ticket to take me to Treviso by bus, an hour away for 7E. Note to self- use local transport.

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