Sunday, 23 June 2013

Day 1. Orsago

 This sounds strange, but in a weird way Orsago feels like an adopted home for my version of the Capelin/Perin story. Lorenzo was sid to have left from here in 1880 but there's no evidence. He was born elsewhere and married elsewhere and had kids elsewhere but somehow folklore had him and Catterina in Orsago. I have grown fond of it for a couple of reasons. Firstly the fact that 25 years ago Andrea and i were given such a warm welcome by a very young Marina Batistuzzi who still works at the Municipio 25 years later and is just as welcoming
La Loggia bar is a busy little joint on a Friday night. Roberto and Guilia staff the bar and do a brisk trade in cocktails, beer and wine. The clients are mostly under forties in the evening with a steady flow of older ones during the day. They’re still rolling in at 10:30pm. People and their children and their dogs are still cycling at 10pm. a lot of the young people are smoking. Feels like a flashback to my youth. I

There’s a beautiful full moon behind the Orsago obelisk mimicking the clusters of street lamps.
Marina Batistuzzi
Orsago has three Muicipios. One is now the post office, the second is Hotel La Loggia and the third is a modern but less charming version built between the two.


carolyn morey said...

So exciting for us am great granddaughter of Lorenzo (Catherine-daughter my nona) have had many ??? 's Finally answers. Carolyn Morey

little hat said...

carolyn. I don't have all the answers but I do have a good idea of the story. The gaps i fill in with my imagination.You can contact me on my email.
Tell me about your
self and the Capelin link.