Sunday, 3 January 2010

Queensland via France - Caloundra I

I had a strange experience on New Years Day. I checked my blog and found a comment from Vera - Vera is totally unknown to me. I liked her short gentle comment. She liked the shape of the words I'd used in my poem about a weekend with my friend Lynne.

I am aware that people from all over the globe visit my blog (in small numbers). I can see them as red spots on the map at the end of my page. I've often wondered who these people are and how they come to find little old me. So I clicked.

It turns our Vera (The Writing Pathway) is from the UK but lives in SW France. She is into Psychic stuff and also loves her productive French garden. There on her front page was a detailed story about self publishing (her book:"Psychic Virgin" looks very funny) and two blog links, mine and another. The other was called 'Sydney Eye'. Click again.

There I discovered that an international network of photographers exist who put on line a photo every day from the city in which they live (they are very disciplined, unlike moi). Scrolling further I found a Brisbane link. Click.

Cara (Brisbane Daily Photos) posts daily from good old Brisvegas. Looking at her list of 100s of photos the tag most often used was West End, my home suburb. Which is where Cara (unknown to me) lives. I'd come full circle. Not only that but the final irony was that she is British. Double full circle.

So in honour of the daily photographers I'm setting out to post a photo a day from Caloundra with or without a short story for a whole 7 days. Talk about ndiscipline.

Where to start? I felt overwhelmed then decided to take a phot of the view from the balcony of our holiday digs. Voila. Day one complete.

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