Wednesday, 9 December 2009


Spent a weekend in the country with Andrea and my friend Lynne.

years have sculpted our faces into barely recognizable mirror images of us
coffee kickstarts our days into deep conversations and shared memories
lunches herald an afternoon nap longer than seems reasonable
an energising evening walk up steep slopes amid tall trees
a glass of wine focuses the palate on evening hues
mushroom risotto accompanies evening silence
till yawning from a day full of nothing
we slip off to firm beds to dream
of island holidays
once shared
by us
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Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Wow. That's beautiful!

Leithal said...

Very nice indeed.

Vera said...

Hi, love the way in which you have positioned the words on the page. Have done the same sort of thing with my writing on occasions because the look of the words as they sit on the page are equally as important as the actual words. Well that's what I think anyway. Nice to have visited with you, and sending you many happy hours of writing for the coming year.

cara said...

Hi Steve thanks for visiting my blog. I really like your 3-sided poem.
In case you were wondering
that vacant block you
were asking about
is on Victoria
Street it's
worth a

little hat said...

I'll go for a wander. I've never been good on remembering street names. You'd think after 25 years around West End I'd know it.