Tuesday, 19 January 2010

This House III - River Views

'River views'

My timber and tin house is in West End, known as Kurilpa by the original Aboriginal inhabitants. Kurilpa means 'Place of the water rat'. In fact Kurilpa is a peninsula located close by the city centre. Which means West End is surrounded by water on three sides. The rich folk have expensive houses with riverfront views. In 1974 they all went under water in the great flood. In the case of this house - it was a waterfront property for two weeks until the water subsided.

We moved here in 1994. We still have river views - every time I climb onto the roof to adjust the TV arial I consider the possibility of building a lookout tower with a deck to take in the view. I never do. Furthermore I may again have a waterfront property one day, if the global warming predictions come true.

C'est la vie.


Vera said...

A thought drifted into my mind as I read your last three blogs: does the rain sound a drum-beat on your roof? Only it does on our caravan roof. Sometimes it sounds like there is a hell of a downpour going on outside, but when I venture forth, I find that it is only a minimal splattering of raindrops. Since your roof is tin, do you have the same experience when it rains?

little hat said...

Yes Vera, it's a wonderful Queensland sound. A sound that every child of my generation associates with night time storms and the lulling tapping of rain on the tin roof. It's only loud when it really dumps down. I imagine a caravan amplifies it 20 times. So close.