Thursday, 7 January 2010

Curves- Homage to Mary - Caloundra VIII

My friend Mary was commissioned by the local Council to design and install a series of mosaic artworks along the foreshore at Caloundra's Kings Beach. They depict shell collections, passing passenger liners, marine life etc. Each is approx 1 metre in diameter. They are beautiful. Unfortunately I don't have any photos of them. In fact they are difficult to capture on film.

Her final offering to the foreshore redevelopment were these mosaic seats, each designed, very simply, around a different colour. I love them. They are a fitting close to my Caloundra sojourn.

On reflection it was quite a challenge to take a photo each day which I was happy to put on line.
It was a close call some days - me running around in fading light looking for inspiration. I discovered that anything can be the subject for a photo. It's all in the skill of the photographer to find what it is that captures the 'je ne sais quoi' of the moment. I need a lot more practice.

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Vera said...

But at least you had a go, and for that you must pat yourself on the back. I have enjoyed getting to know your part of the world via these photos, even if I have not left a comment, and I think you did very well.