Monday, 4 January 2010

Play - Caloundra III

It's grey today. Sullen grey ocean. Sad grey sky. The waves playing half heartedly, teasing surfers and boogie board riders with erratic rides. Holiday makers arriving at a sand blasted beach out of a sense of duty.

Such a contrast to yesterday's upbeat mood with canary clad fishos selling their wares in front of an ocean of molten glass.

But the kids don't care.


Vera said...

This photo made me feel quite chilly, perhaps because we are encased in freezing fog at the moment! You are right though, about the children always managing to enjoy themselves despite the greyness of the day. I even remember prancing about in the middle of a gale-blown beach in my bikini when I was sixteen. Would have been OK if had been summer, but it was late March in the UK and damned cold! Ah but that was when I was flirty-irty and I was needing to impress the lads! Thanks for giving me a chuckle at that memory which has just come to the surface, - it has brightened up a bit of a dull moment.

little hat said...

Even a dull day here probably eclipses most of the beach experiences I've had in Europe I'm afraid. Not that that has stopped me from my foolhardy habit of diving in to any body of water (sub-antartic or not)if the chance arises. The freezing Lido at Hamstead Heath was memorable as was my strange experience at the "Men's Only Bathing Pond" nearby (see story Oct 2008 "beware of Breeding Swans". Pebbly Brighton on a blustery day did stop me I must admit.

leithalthinking said...

Hey little hat,

I'm enjoying your photoessay of Caloundra. I was there not so long ago for the music festival. I'm back in the swim and have just finished my laps for the day. Such bliss. My son is in the States so I'm loitering online waiting for him to contact me but alas he seems too busy to chat to his mum.