Thursday, 3 July 2014

Nuts about Nelson

Horatio Nelson was a navy man. A bit of a hero by all accounts. He thrashed Napoleon at his own game (boule?)a few times and became a national hero. He also saw Napoleon off in Malta and got rid of the French - replaced by the Brits for 150 years (by mutual agreement apparently).

As you might expect the National Maritime Museum makes a big deal of his exploits (pity the other poor bastards who fought and died for their country - they hardly get a mention) and have a room called "Nelson, Navy, Nation".

In the early 19th Century the merchandising world went mad with Nelson cups, mugs, plates, goblets, beer steins, i Phone covers - you name it. And you can still buy Nelson memorabilia. 

Here's a collection of photos I took at the museum. This is post is dedicated to my friend Paul who has a particular interest in things of the sea and of the British Navy. His father was an Admiral or another similar rank (Petty Officer?). Pick which one is not Nelson.
Nelson in bronze

Nelson wounded and dying - note the halo effect around his head.

Nelson ascends into Heaven - hang on, hadn't someone already done that?

Nelson in China

Nelson in a new hat after eating too many truffles.

Nelson interrogating: "Did you pinch my snuff?".

Nelson selfie.

Nelson pretending to be a Cyclops


Mickcap said...

I think the truffle-eating 'Nelson' might actually be his opponent in the Maltese bowls comp.

little hat said...

Correct. You win the prize. A night out on the town with Napoleon. He'd be much more fun than Nelson.