Friday, 15 July 2011

Mr Wilkins revisited

The world is a mysterious place. I posted a story about a Mr. Wilkins on July 1 and told how this 89 year old man, whom I'd met on the plane to Vanuatu, was travelling to a remote island to reconnect with old friends from his days as a colonial administrator. And then this week I found a comment on my blog from his son, Simon from Tweed Heads (40 minutes drive from where I live) who had read the story, enjoyed it, read it to his father (Mr. Wilkins) who had just returned from his three week trip. How can that happen in a world of countless millions of people? What's the liklihood of finding a reference to your father on some obscure blog site?

I had said, rather presumptuously in my post, that Mr. Wilkins was probably on his last visit to Vanuatu. I had him with one foot in the grave already. Turns out he, his son and siblings, are planning to set up a tourist B&B venture in Vanuatu as their next big adventure, with Mr. Wilkins at the helm. They have such strong and fond memories of the people and lifestyle that they've decided they can't sever their ties.



Jennifer said...

Ha! One foot in his grave indeed. He showed you!

Gosh I love synchronicity.

Including the one in which you and I have Mr. Wilkins coincidence stories at the same time.

Unknown said...

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Stafford Ray said...

You nerver know who is watching!
Got a call from Jim McBeath who starred in a few stories on my blog, to say he booked into a mnotel recently and when he went to settle up, the receptionist mentioned the story (that also featured some chooks and a tiger snake) and asked him how it all turned out! Of course he was a bit surprised but luckily for me the story was accurate and he was a bit of a star in it anyway!
Re Mr Rabbit... we really have to speak up and spread the word, or we will have him and his scientific adviser, George Pell running our climate change policy!

Anonymous said...

Life is full of great coincidences!