Sunday, 13 June 2010

Portugal - photos plus questionable commentary

Here's a few images from 10 days in Portugal - in no particular order. (mainly because I can't figure our how to reorder them on this page) The monks in Evora got sick of being rich and lazy and needed to remind themselves and their parishiners of the shortcomings of earthly existence. So they built a chapel of human bones. This is one section of one wall. Fortunately Portugal is not at all like this in general!!Evora is a walled city totally Heritage listed. You can't even change your bowel habits without written permission. They paint thier houses yellow and white which makes ordering paint a lot easier than in Australia. Yellow is supposed to protect from bad spirits.

The Moors loved tiles and geometric design (Islam doesn't approve the depiction of humans or animals) They tile any surface they can find. Saves painting if you run out of yellow or blue or white.Andrea and pigeons and fountain - main square in Lisbon.

Ancient Moor castle in Sintra. You wouldn't want to live there. Too many steps. Too windy. No ensuite to guest rooms.
One of the 7 hills of Lisbon. This tram line takes you to the top. Lisbon loves its trams. I walked up.
There's that castle in Sintra again (on top of the hill). Imagine the difficulties the local postman must have doing his deliveries each day.
A tram - in case you've never seen a tram before.

The top of one of the 7 hills. That's the water in the distance. This garden looks idyllic but in fact was full of beer bottles, disposable cups and wine casks after a big Saturday night. Not all of them were ours.
Well every city needs an arch to celebrate something. In the background you glimpse the streetscape disappearing into the distance.

Central Square in Lisbon from near our apartment. Yes we were central, no doubt about that. In the far distance you'll see Andrea standing in front of the fountain with the pogeons waiting for her portrait.
The main square again showing off the cobble stones. Everywhere black and white cobblestones in geometric patterns. Any city could do this, and what a great way to reduce the unemployment rate. Maybe a century of work across the city ust laying stones. that's flat by the way. It's just designed that way to help the drunks navigate their way home.

At this point I realise how limited and unrepresentative this collection is. But as I am committed to avoiding 'death by powerpoint' I'll leave you there and recommend you visit Portugal yourself. The economy needs your help and the people are welcoming.
Cheers Steve


sheri... said...

steve, this tour of yours was lovely!! such a different variety of photos and your commentary was lots of fun with your cheeky humor ;) i still can't get over you climbing to the top of one of the seven hills when you could have taken a tram...hard to believe you had enough wind in you to hold the camera still!!
thanks for sharing your was wonderful!

Everyday Goddess said...

i'd love to travel through so many wonderful places like this. thanks for the chance to feel like i've been on a little trip too!

Ronda Laveen said...

Beautiful photographs. How interesting that they paint their houses yellow to keep the spirits away. Thanks for sharing your trip.

Jingle said...

nice place to explore..
have a fun day ahead.

Jennifer said...

Well no one could provide an entirely comprehensive portrait of a city outside a large coffee table book. I love the images you chose. Any visitor might provide a different view of a great city, and that's as it should be! And that's what makes a great city great - its ability to be different things to different people. Thanks for your view Steve!