Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Magpie 18 - I wrote a letter

A creative writing response to the above image. To view responses by other writers to this prompt click here or on the image.
The link with Spain and Portugal? Almost zip - except that I am today in Seville, a most remarkable city in southern Spain. Next week Granada and the Sierra Nevada. More travel blogs on the way.
Magpie 18
I wrote a letter

A young teacher, fresh from college, awward and enthusiastic.
A new career.
A sharpened 2B pencil.
A classroom of 10 year olds
A maths test

To my love

An older woman, full of vitality.
A shared staff room.
An attraction.
Flashing eyes, a willing teacher.
The maths test.
A note written with shaking hands.
“Meet me in my classroom. I’ll be waiting.”

And on the way

A young boy.
A trusted student. The messenger.
“Paul, since you’ve finished first, I want you to run an errand for me."
" Take this to room 6B”

I dropped it

An unexpected fire drill.
The school gathers on the parade ground.
A note disappears, never reaching its destination.
Paul fears he has failed this test.

One of you has picked it up

“I have lost an important piece of paper”
The young man declares to his class.
“If you find it and return it to me unopened you will be let out early.”

And put it in your pocket

“I know one of you has it.”
Panic rising in the voice of the young man
Children's eyes darting, guessing, whispered stories.
“I want each of you to come to the front of the class one at a time."
"The rest of you continue with the mathematics test."

“Not you”

“Not you”

The wind swirls a playground full of lunch wrappers and a note towards the Principal’s office.

"Not Y O U"


willow said...

I like the way you wove the lovely childhood song through this piece. Nice, Mr. Hat.

Seville? I'm so envious. Looking forward to the travel posts!

Jennifer said...

Love the series of scenes or vignettes Hat. They kind of create the pacing, which enhances the tension. Nice job!

Tumblewords: said...

Finely done - what a wonderful trip you are on!

Ronda Laveen said...

The paranoia and rising fear rings clearly.

Brian Miller said...

oh yikes! i smell trouble a brewing on the wind...a wonderful write...nice embedding of the song. great magpie!

Sue J said...

I'd love to know what was in the letter :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome creativity!

kathew said...

oooo I remember those school halls and urgent errands-nice Magpie!

Stafford Ray said...

OOps Steve, note heading for Principal's office! Trouble brewing here and we can only guess at the message, unfortunately.

Nes said...

Wow I loved this! Such an amazing piece of writing, the words just seem to flow so naturally! Very easy on the eyes to read....I love it!

Helen said...

You have certainly brought many memories of my long ago to mind ... I enjoyed your Magpie!

RA said...

Very enjoyable. Well done!

Lyn said...

Very original..I really like the way it weaves its way through this adventure..