Saturday, 14 January 2012

Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef from a distance (left) and closeup (right)


Falling from a precipitous sky
Hurtling headlong towards a fragile me
Frothing tumbling popping splashing
A milkshake poured from an almighty tumbler
Flowing nowhere

Destructive urge suspended
In crystalline blue
Awaiting another ice age.

(c) Steve Capelin

Blue ice (left), ice tunnel (right)

Fox Glacier - neighbour to Frans Josef

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sarah toa said...

Wild, what a wild place

sarah toa said...

Do you get a handle on the 'idea' of time when at this place?

MF said...

Surreal. Love it.

little hat said...

the sense of time is almost incomprehensible. The glacier is one thing but the valleys and the ddebris created by previous much larger glaciers is unbelievable. At Tasman Glacier (Mt Cook) where we were standing would have been under 700 ft of ice - a mountain! Hard to describe. Puts my time on the planet into perspective. Awe inspiring.

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...


Helena said...

I'm a winter chick, always have been, and those pics are astounding but I could never brave that! A very cold hat off to those who do, though!!

Your poem graces the snaps beautifully....!

Jennifer said...

Otherworldly! And just beautiful.