Monday, 19 July 2010

Magpie 23 - Bob Hawke - Man on fire

Bob Hawke was Prime Minister of Australia from the mid 80s to the early 90s. He has recently been the subject of a TV drama and the second biography of his life by Blanche d'Alpuget.

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Bob Hawke had
a family
a fire in his guts
to lead his beloved Australia

Bob Hawke
lived the life of a public larrikin
drank to excess
laughed too loudly
cried for his daughter
worked his charm on skirts across town
fell in love
with an inconvenient woman

Bob Hawke
gave up the grog
curbed his loutish side
cooled the embers of his secret love
to become Prime Minister

Nine years he lived
his truth
his lie
walked beside his public wife
to pursue his destiny.

Nine years he warmed his hands
with the fire
for his invisible beloved
doused the embers for his faithful Hazel
to love his love
as he loved himself -
With a burning passion


Sue J said...

Good piece. I think Hazel got the rough end of the pineapple after sticking with him through everything.

Brian Miller said...

he loved himself...that said so much...nicely played magpie!

soundoffreedom said...

a powerful piece nicely done!

Elisabeth said...

Narcissism is the order of the day and sad really because if not for such overdoses of self-love and self-admiration Hawke could still be a great man.

A layered and thoughtful piece. Thanks.

sheri said...

i may be the only one who doesn't know bob hawke but i aim to after reading your post! you have written in such a fascinating way, luring me in with powerful and to-the-point facts about a man who seems to be well loved...and much hated!!

kathew said...

I too do not know of the Bob Hawke...but he sounds like rather a lout- and too self asorbed to be of any great value to anyone. Now I must go read about him. Interesting post!

willow said...

I don't know this guy, but he sounds like a jerk. Poor Hazel.

kavisionz said...

Cannot say I know much (anything!:() about Bob Hawke, but reading this post made me think that it was a neat tribute!

signed...bkm said...

Great Magpie, I have learned something today about Mr. Hawke...he lived, he loved...bkm

Jingle said...

thoughtful tale.
the character comes to life.

Stafford Ray said...

Bob lived a persona. His intellect (Rhodes scholar) drove him to achieve extraordinary change for his country. But his reality was the little boy who never did grow up, craving acceptance, limelight and love, who constantly threatened to destroy the man.

Helen said...

I love it when Magpie pieces educate ... and yours did in a wonderfully creative way.

little hat said...

Thanks for visiting.
Sue: Dead right. hazel's story would be fascinating. sadly as you would know she's suffering an advanced alzheimer condition.
Elisabeth, Stafford: A man full of contradictions. I liked him myself flaws and all.
Sheri, Kathew: he's worth following up. he and his offsider (Paul Keating) who eventually deposed him, changed the face of australia. His personal life was wild. His now wife Blanche is also his biographer and wrote the first volume of his life while she was estranged from him - how weird is that!
Willow: he had his positive aspects. At least Blanche thought so - she hung in there for 25 years before he married her.