Monday, 8 March 2010

Magpie Tales 4 - F.U.L.L.


You're kidding. Another pair of shoes?
Yes I know we can afford them.
Yes I know it supports the local economy.
But we are full.
We're already at the baggage limit.
No you can't. We've paid for those drumming logs, so no there's no point in taking them back.
And after last night, they are now used drums.
Well you liked them when we were speeding through that village in the bimo yesterday.
What's not to like about them now?
No. They will NOT go out of tune after a high altitude flight.
Besides, they are packed at the very bottom of that bag and the slot is stuffed with six bead necklaces, four wrap around skirts, eleven silk scarves and two sets of hand carved salad servers.
Read my lips. Those shoes can't come.
Rubbish, Lauren's a size 6. They are not for her. They're for you.
Why on earth did you buy size nines then?
Yes I agree Lauren is a dear friend.
I wouldn't have a clue what's in the other bag or who's getting what.
You should have kept a list.
As for that ugly cross between an albino crocodile and a platypus.
What on earth possessed you?
For us!
What! On the sideboard alongside the carvings we brought back from Ayers Rock?
As I recall, you did not choose them I did.
Darling, those are sacred objects. This is a trinket. A rodent with a pinnochio nose.
Since when did we spend my precious long service leave scouring the planet for cute objects.
It belongs back on the stall beside the stubby holders and handcarved letter openers.
Oh for god's sake where is that bloody thing?
I am being careful.
It is NOT beautiful. I'd rather you kept the shoes if ....
Yes I'm serious.
Only if you wear them and dump those awful floral sneakers.
I love you too.
I'm sure she'd love the platydile - what ever that creature is.
Yes I can hide 'Made in China'.


Elisabeth said...

Oh God, how awful, this business of packing.

At the airport in Italy the attendants confiscated my bottle of balsalmic vinear, which I had forgotten I left in the bottom of my backpack.

'You have liquids in the bottom of your bag madam,' one attendant said as another hauled me to one side after said backpack had passed through the x-ray machine.

I had no idea. I had completely forgotten. It cost me little other than my pride. But I will never forget that bottle of vinegar now ever.

Great dialogue here. Thanks, Steve.

little hat said...

Hi elizabeth. I could write a few good stories about travel mishaps, lost luggage, panic attacks (not mine), lost tickets. and the joy of airline travel. I still get excited looking out plane windows. pretty daggy eh?

Catalyst said...

It IS great dialogue! And the tragedy side of travel. Nicely done.

Brian Miller said...

lol. yeah, my wife has a thing for i was feeling the pain. smiles.

Tess Kincaid said...

You've been eavesdropping again!

(I love this one, Mr. Hat)

Vicki Lane said...

Love this monologue and all the detail!

Lyn said...

Yes, I'd choose the platydile an elephant that looks just like yours..small world!!
Very funny...

Peter Goulding said...

Yep, been there!
The business about the shoes is very true to life!

steviewren said...

There is nothing worse than coming home without the's not like you're going to hop on another plane and go back and get them...Of course you've got to buy it all if you're lucky enough to travel to a foreign country.

At least, that's why I have some weird little trinkets.

Jennifer said...

I laughed just thinking of this couple's house. Love the back and forth between them. You created a real picture.

C.M. Jackson said...

how about books and rocks and shoes? Mr Jackson knows your pain and always packs a collapsible suitcase that comes in handy on the way home:-j great post!

joanna said...

Good story -- it reminded me of my parents when they retired and traveled extensively, they both loved trinkets and treasures ,,
and I agree that was one strange looking elephant in the photo prompt-- or the color and angle of the photo shot distorted it .. but you manage to weave a great story.


rob kistner said...

Your work is bold your spirit is awesome, and you are courageous and free -- come visit me…


Unknown said...

Now that hit many memories--and realities--how it frustrates me to pack and my love of shoes. The conversations were funny because they are so like what we could have on travels. Hey where did you hear us? :) I liked your twist of "made in China" isn't nearly everything? Good writing

spacedlaw said...

Excellent! Some hoarder...

The Muse said...

the whole piece absorbed me, the piece was realistic, both sparring and loving...and as all the others have said..the have to smile at the shoes :)

experience speaking here? lol