Wednesday, 4 November 2015

World Peace Bangkok and luangprabang

Bangkok airport. A microcosm of the world minus the fauna and flora and with a population reflecting asia's global dominance. It's like a reality tv show (there is a British show filmed here). I'm sure people die here. Equally I'm certain that in some remote corner of this "flight world" there's a birthing room.
Imagine that.
Place of birth: Arrival lounge, Bangkok Airport.
Date/Time: Indeterminate (unable to discerned day from night).
Name: Shiva Louang Mohommad Alexander Soo Lin ...............  (named in recognition of those medical staff in attendance while in transit)
Nationality: international

And when you're all done there's the departure lounge.
Most recent port: Earth
Next destination: Unknown
Cause of death: Shopped till he/she dropped

There are so many nationalities here it occurs to me that in a post apocryphal setting the survivors might all be gathered in a series of hermetically sealed airline terminals figuring out a way to cohabit together. Maybe they'd learn to get along? Or maybe it would just be a matter of time and there would be tribal groups claiming exclusive use of certain departure lounges and proclaiming special rules to exclude the vegans or the  Sagittarians.

Meanwhile Laos is proving to be a refreshing change from the world of doom and gloom. Luangprabang is like Bali in the seventies. Great food. Lovely people. Lively but with a slow Asian style. And the mighty Mekong River as the backdrop.

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