Friday, 5 July 2013


The fountain of the four dolphin.
  I've noticed I have been studiously avoiding taking photos of the unattractive aspects of the cities and towns I visit. I ask myself why is this? Am I intent on only rembering this trip as a positive experience? Is one hard-wired to seek out the pleasing and the beautiful and to supress or ignore the balnd and ugly?

Church of La Madeleine
 A good photograph is not always of a pleasant subject. War photographers produce some arresting but beautifully composed images. Anyway I decided to "notice" some of the less attractive elements of Aix, having chosen not to document the vast industrial developments which occupy large tracts of land in the north of Italy on the fringes of the small and mostly attractive villages.

17th Century  Mansion (detail)

The medieval section of the Aix Cathedral

Aixathedral + Tour de France

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