Thursday, 7 June 2012

Capelin Family History

Link to Steve and Mick's site featuring their family story.  My brother and I are in the process of creating a blog with a family history focus. At this stage it's very much in the early clumsy stage. The website will also be accessible from our parents headstone which will feature a QR code.

Don't know what a QR code is?

As a luddite my explanation would be this. Think of a bar code for food items which gets scanned at the cash point. Now think of a postage stamp size code which your smart phone can scan. And, finally, if you have downloaded the QR App. (don't you love that word) to your phone or IPad it will automatically connect you to that website. The people at the cemetary who will be arranging for the casting of the headstone didn't know what we were talking about, but the stonemason/foundry who will do the work were  hip, and understood our request.

Being naive, we're assuming that descendants in 100 years will still be able to use this 2012 technology.

Are we nuts or what?

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