Thursday, 17 February 2011

Drizzling Beauty

Right now I'm sitting at a coffee shop at a footpath (pavement) table enjoying a 'flat white' (latte in a cup not a glass) and a pistachio and caramel slice.

I'm watching the rain drizzling down around me outside Alberto's Shot. I'm looking for beauty. I've found it on this corner.

I'm inspired by Jennifer's challenge on her blog 'Realia'. The rain is soft and comforting. Beauty!

Two weeks ago this street was four inches deep in mud. People with shovels and brooms and lengths of wood were forcing the cappucino coloured slime back towards the river. (Andrew Porfyri's blog has further amazing images from the flood)

In Ontario Jenn tells me it's 20 below. I can't even begin to imagine that, but in beauty terms I am quite besotted with squally, white flecked expanses of water in forgotten harbours under overcast skies. Strangely it's stories set in Newfoundland and other cold climes which entrance me. Perhaps it's a desire for the extreme opposite of Brisbane weather. An alternative to blue skies and scorching sun.

Water - its a wonderful element. There's beauty in harbours and wild oceans, and quiet streams and still lakes in remote places like Dove Lake in Tasmania. And that's just the beginning.

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Jennifer said...

That photo is stunning and I agree, water, in all its forms, is most beautiful to me. I am also enchanted with landscapes different than what I know - like that picture.

Lovely post! (PS - it's 10 degrees 'above' today! Now THAT's beautiful, going outside doesn't hurt!)