Monday, 21 February 2011

Backyard Beauty

Enough of rain and water and the pain and the thrill and chaos of it all. Today the sun is shining and it’s hot and humid. Sticky.

I’ve just come home from a Sunday afternoon drink with my son at Archive, the new beer café.bar in West End to find this woman asleep in my backyard.

She’s like some beached goddess. Pale skin, blonde hair, body poured over a blue mattress on deep green grass. It’s my wife. She’s in touch with the elements. She’s followed the cat and camped beside him in the coolest spot in the yard – in the shade cast by the house as the afternoon sun scorches its way across the sky towards sunset.

I grab my camera. As I do I’m having this strange conversation in my head asking me what is it about this scene that is so compelling. Why have I raced for my Panasonic? What is it about certain scenes, moments, experiences that demand that they be captured.

Can a frozen image ever capture what I see – the light, the surroundings, my relationship with the moment. The things that are invisible to the camera – the warmth of the timber house behind me, my son’s presence, the fact that this is an unusual choice for Andrea, my personal sense of beauty. All these things, all my senses are engaged and everything tells me that it will not be possible to do justice to this moment. And yet I cannot resist the urge to try to capture all this with one hasty click.
Backyard Beauty

I remember a young blonde

girl in a short skirt came

visit me in my alone life among

friends in a far away city.

amazing that on a blonde

day in the 70s

she arrived like an angel, kissed

me and changed my life

she's there again in

my blonde backyard on

another blonde day

escaping the heat of

the day burning with

the heat of my gaze.

Does lightning strike twice

is the sunlight blinding me

can this still live on beyond

the first glance and

is that not transcendant

beauty when the light

never fades and the gaze

is constantly re-engaged.

(C) Steve Capelin 2011


Anonymous said...

What a touching tribute!

Jennifer said...

Steve you captured the moment wonderfully. Beautiful indeed. I feel a bit of a voyeur on this gorgeous tribute to your wife, but I'm glad to find it.

Helen said...

Beautiful! Every woman needs a poem written about her ~ at least once in her life.

Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Aw Steve you're just a big old romantic.

Tess Kincaid said...

This is a gorgeous post. All of it. She's lucky to have you.