Monday, 3 May 2010

Hats Hats hats

People with passion and creativity are everywhere. Since going live in 2008 I've been amazed, not to mention overwhelmed, by the number of creative people out there in the universe. My main challenge has been which creative people to folllow and where did I fit.

As time went by, particularly this year, I have linked to a range of writers and in particular the writing group facilitated by Madame Willow of Willow Manor and her writing group Magpie Tales. Who'd have thought that I would be networking with a bunch of people from New York and surrounds. I'm in Brisbane Australia. Where's my local network I ask myself.

But I digress. Creative people abound and here is a local one. A milliner - JeniB
The short story is that my wife and I spent a weekend on the north coast last weekend. We were helping mind a house at Dickie Beach for Jenny who was away at her son's wedding in the southern states. Her garage is her studio. Her car is relegated to the world of rain and burning sun. Its a messy magic room full of feathers and ribbons and striped pill boxes and every woman who entered that room on the weekend could not resist trying on Jenny's hats. So without further ado here is Gerry, Loani and Juiliette looking every bit the catwalk models they dream of being.


Elisabeth said...

Creativity can come in so many forms, the written word is but one of them. These hats and the women wearing them are lovely.

Sheri said...

the shots of the lovely ladies are just smashing! i especially loved the third one :)
i'm a little curious as to whether you have found your niche yet? you mentioned in your post that you were looking for the right type of creative folks to hang out with...any luck yet?

little hat said...

Hi Sheri, I'm not too stressed about it. I'm patiently cruising the writing world (virtual and real) confident that it will all fall into place over time. I have many niches I guess. This one is a recent and ongoing.

Ronda Laveen said...

Oh, I love all those hats and bits and pieces of millnery and feathers. So fun.