Monday, 26 April 2010

Magpie 11 Fascinator

I went to a great exhibition at the Queensland Art Gallery yesterday. An exhibition of hats. It's on a world tour from the Victoria and Albert Museum (London).
'Hats: An Anthology' wasn't my first choice for an afternoon out on Anzac Day - Australia's day to remember and honour the men and women who have fought in world wars and regional conflicts. If we all wore funny hats would we have the time or the inclination to go to war?
So there I was fascinated by the fascinators.I am in a room
of subdued light
surrounded by hundreds of women
and a few men.
He says
'I'll meet you at the cafeteria'
She says
'Have you had your fill already?'
and smiles an understanding smile
turning her gaze to the glowing cases

In this room of hats
women stand transfixed by
master milleners
and their creations
full of whimsy
full of flair
and feather fancies for one off occasions,
face to face with celebrities
and their indulgences.

Elegance for Queen Mothers
dash and daring for leading ladies
a head of fluffing feathers
to distract from ageing features
Mick Jagger's swagger in a hat

And hundreds of kids
making their own creations
from the simplest of materials.
Kids' imaginations
every bit as wild
as Stephen Jones and
Can't tell the real from the unreal

The centre piece is a workroom
of scraps and wooden block heads (no offence)
works in progress, drawings
and there in the furthest corner
a beanie from the local Brisbane football team
milleners have a sense of humour
and place.

and on a twenty foot screen
Maurice Chevelier
in a top hat.

I was sure he'd have a cane.

Stephen Jones and hats
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Unspoken said...

I wouldn't know the real from the fake either!

christine said...

Yes of course he would, a black ebony one with a silver head!

Nice poem


Stella Jones said...

I thought we were talking about hats until the last line. I love the picture of the hats, beautiful colours.

steviewren said...

Yep, Maurice in a top hat without a cane would not have been nearly as dashing as he was with it.

Tess Kincaid said...

I loved the last bit about Maurice Chevelier. Charming piece about the mad hatty exhibit. I would have loved it.

Catalyst said...

Nice one, indeed! And good old Maurice, with his top hat or his straw skimmer at an angle and that nice cane! What a picture!

Tumblewords: said...

What a delightful look at hatters. For sure, a cane because without it a top hat just isn't the same. Enjoyed this piece!

joanna said...

What a lovely twist --the top hat without the cane -- of course it would not be the same -- Oh I use to love watching Maurice Chevelier sing and dance with this top hat and cane he was so dashing and charming. The last picture was fascinating looking.


Jennifer said...

What a colourful picture you've created LH! I felt as if I was in the room.

Jingle said...

informative and creative...
Happy Tuesday!
I enjoyed your writing!

Peter Goulding said...

In the room the women come and go / talking of Michelangelo.

Great observations here.

Happy belated Anzac Day...

Wordwand said...

the last lines are tremendous cos unexpected, well done sir.

Lynn said...

Great poem!

moondustwriter said...

Clever - loved the hats

I'm at

Amy The Black said...

Sometimes the hat says more about the person.

Anonymous said...

Fun poem of observations with a hint of opinion-- nicely done!

Shriti said...

the flow is awesome :))
loved it ^_^

Leithal said...

Hey Little Hat,

Long time no see. I am crazy busy with my new job and totally loving it.

luna12780 said...

Nice and entertaining in a good way. I think it was great way for you to share what you had seen and get people intrigued, I know I was. I liked it very much.

The Night Writer said...

Wow! Really love the poem.

This event sounds fascinating. I cannot imagine all the wonderful hats you must have encountered!

Katherine said...

This was fantastic little hat ... A great take on the Magpie!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

Please feel free to nominate fellow poets for April Celebrate Poetry award.
Many thanks!