Thursday, 29 October 2009

Life does matter

I will be the 'Meet the Listener' guest on Life Matters next Tuesday.
I get my (almost) 15 minutes of fame with Richard Aide on ABC Radio National (Australia). 9:45am Brisbane time.
They're interested in my life as a clown and ,as it turns out, stories from my blog.

The program, 'Life Matters', should be a must listen for anyone interested in people and A daily dose is recommended 9-10am Monday to Friday.

I think I need a design makeover of 'my missing life' to help new visitors find their way around. Any suggestions?


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

It'll cost!

Leithal said...

Noice one Steve. Will be listening. Any suggestions re a new name for me here.

little hat said...

Hi Leith, Most Lusty, Equinox. It's hard to find something that says who you are in cyberspace. For me it needed to have a bit of history rather than be too clever. I love your real name and reckon there's material there for a play on words (Leithal, Lethal, most lethal, Totally Leithal . I suspect that you might also be into a name that has an affirmation quality. Something about the future or moving forward??