Wednesday, 28 October 2009

The first encounter

Thinking.......... about this blog............ and wondering if new people who visit might wonder what the .....k#%* it's all about. I haven't used it as a traditional blog, musing on my day or keeping people informed about my life. And yet it is about my life. Maybe new visitors need some encouragement to dip in and out of the stories and pieces that lurk here?
How would I do that?

I could have a contents page?
I could say 'go look for the gems' and give some clues as to my favourite places? I could explain on every page that it's a blog full of stories written as stories which, when taken in isolation or together, might say something about who I am or who you are.

The fact is that in some ways a blog is only as good as the last entry beacause that's what new readers and occasional readers will encounter. and won't go any further if they're not hooked.

I guess I'd better keep writing.

Note to self. It's time I got back to my mother's bedroom and followed those intruders through my family home. They were last in the kitchen in that ordinary house.

If I'm lucky I'll get a chance to talk about this a bit more publicly next week on Life Matters with Richard Aide - ABC Radio National, Tuesday 3rd November 9:45am (Brisbane time). Waiting on confirmation.
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Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Tuesday 9.45. It's in my diary. Looking forward to more 'house' stories.