Saturday, 30 May 2015

Travels With My Brother II - Zagreb

Two brothers struggling with technology. Travelling isn't supposed to be about this. Mick's phone won't work (though his Ipad does). I can't get access to my hotmail where all my bookings are sitting in a hidden folder. We both spent what felt like hours yesterday trying to sort out our technology issues. I can only access this blog on my old Internet Explorer platform but can't upload any photos etc etc.

Are you interested? Probably not. Get a life you say. True. Maybe it's an opportunity to just be here. What a radical idea.

Mick and I are still friends. So far we have agreed on everything - where to eat, what to buy for breakfast - the sorts of things that can destroy a relationship! And Zagreb? We're in a street 150 metres from the main square. Yesterday we walked for two hours with a young guide who introduced us to the city. She overwhelmed us with unpronounceable names and lists of dates which, for two jet-lagged brothers was exhausting.

Highlights - the fruit and fish market which runs all day every day in the main square; a good caffe latte (kava se kneicom - my spelling); a tram system which reaches to all corners of the city (popl 800,000); views from the heights of the old city; and finally we became embroiled in a veterans' protest at parliament house - they're not happy with the government's treatment of them in terms of health and post war issues (the Serbia Croatia conflict etc is still very close (the 90s). Sounds familiar. The day ended with the two of us falling asleep face-down in a plate of seafood at a local restaurant.

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sarah toa said...

Great! I do like your travel narratives.