Saturday, 23 May 2015

Paradiso Postcard

Nephew Adam Capelin has designed a post card to help me promote my "work in progress" to Italian descendant relatives over the next month.

My brother and I, and about 20 relatives from Australia (some of whom I will meet for the first time in Italy) are travelling to Veneto for a family reunion. I expect about 500+ people will be there, most of whom will be native Italian speakers. I have my grab bag of words which might make it possible to have brief conversations with locals.

I have also been pursuing some possible distant relatives in a little village named Chiarano where I believe a number of 3rd/4th cousins live. These would be descendants of Lorenzo's (my g/grandfather) brother Fedele who stayed in Italy when Lorenzo and his family headed for the Pacific. I'm interested in the possibility that one of them may be interested in the family story and might throw an Italian perspective on the whole experience. I don't care about having relatives in Italy so much as the idea of extending the story.

I'll be blogging about the whole trip (two weeks in Veneto and then two weeks in Sicily) so stay tuned.

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