Monday, 19 December 2011

Cryptic Christmas


I've aged only one year
but my children's combined tally
creeps closer to my maturing years.

I've written a small mountain of words
but the memoir in me
grows faster than I can capture it.

I've been a teacher in a Pacific idyll
but I've learnt more
than I've imparted.

I've immersed myself
in the history of my community
only to discover that I know very little.

I've lived my 37th year
in a partnership both
baffling and satisfying.

I've read a lot
becoming a better reader,
more discerning and insightful.

I've spent more time alone
and found good company within,
and out and about.

I haven't been paid
but I have worked hard
hoping the tax man is losing interest.

There were things lost -
a job, or two; a son leaves home
But I have no memory of funerals.

I have valued relationships and relatives
I have valued time and also tide
I am again a fortunate man.

Have a great holiday season everyone.
See you in 2012.

steve aka 'little hat'


Elisabeth said...

Wonderful words, Little Hat. Enjoy the season.

Jennifer said...

Wonderful Steve. It bellows "alive."

Happy Christmas to you and yours.