Monday, 2 February 2009

Journey complete

It's done. 16 mini stories, one big story. I have no idea how it reads in total. I'll read it through in a few days and start editing it into a consistent whole.
Your comments would be helpful in this. Does it constitute one story. Did it hold together. Was there any dramatic tension which kept you interested?

Now for some new stuff. I'm working on a set of poems based on the beaches of North stradbroke island.
I'll get on to them in the next week.
And maybe some other stuff.
Thanks to anyone who followed these 16 stories through to the end. I owe you a coffee.


Alex Daw said...

Dear steve

You know how you have to do a word verification every time you do a post. Guess what mine is ? mounre - I reckon it's mourne but a bit tricky or sophisticated. Mourning is like that - unexpected - or not what we expect - to put it another way. Ceremony is an odd thing. Yes it might help us mourn but sometimes we feel flat in a "proper" ceremony too.

Alex Daw said...

Comments its seems have to be concise so...I reckon you're going great guns and have a wonderful style - it seems unassuming but is incredibly powerful. Keep up the good work. As my brother-in-law would say, you are a credit to the regiment.

little hat said...

Thanks Luvvie. Ditto to you. Though I reckon you are much more better at punchuation and speiling than I am.

Mickc said...

Steve, it was good to relive the journey - the whole 50 odd years.I also found the final farewell did not do Kev justice, but it was the nonchalent, unplanned Capelin way. He is home in/on the Richmond. I'll take you up on the coffee, but you will have to choose a well-hidden spot and no doubt you will be in disguise.