Friday, 10 October 2008

Me and tea

A blog needs a theme. Unwittingly I have stumbled into the knitting world, so as one who believes in following one's nose (and i have quite a good one to follow) I have decided to forge ahead with the woollen theme. Look out for my account of the back story to Loani's venture into tea cosy mania. and a story about my mother's prolific but occassionally wayward knitting adventures.
Oh and by the way I do like a good cup of tea made in a teapot with loose leaf tea. A teapot is a thing of beauty in its own right - no mere mannequin to show off tea cosies.

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Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Hoping for some very loose threads to other themes. One doesn't want to limit oneself too much does one? But then again limits force us to tell grand tales about the smallest things and voila - a story. Can't wait.