Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Knitting poem for knitting insomniacs.

My friend Mary asked "Why would anyone visit your blog?"
Good question, since there's nothing there. So ......................................

Since Loani (Grandpurlbaa) helped me set this in motion - here's a little poem dedicated to her and her obsessed knitting friends.

Knitting Poem (for Loani)

A spindle of knitters
Knitting independently with bone and bamboo knitting needles
Night after night
Nattering nonchalantly to no one in particular
Beneath the waning moon –
Never knowing, others also quest
For the bees knees of a beanie
Or a nice naturally knitted knee rug.

One night a knitter (who will remain nameless) used her noodle
Perhaps knitters knit to ignore the gnawing need for company.
And she
In a nurturing initiative
Invited a nondescript group of knitters
To Doonan
For a knit
And a natter

And now
Nine months on
The knitters meet monthly
Motivated by growing knowledge
Of knit and knot and purl
Of stocking stitch and garter
And the husbands favourites -
Mattress stitch and slip one over

These knitters
No longer alone or lonely
Are not a lot of nincompoops
Neither nutters nor ne’er-do-wells
But a simple group of north coast knitters
For whom knitting is a necessity -
Knit-wits one and all.

© Steve Capelin 2005


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Aw shucks. Steve Steve Steve. Thank you Steve. A POEM for ME and my knitty friends. So pleased to be first. Looking forward to the adventure that is now "My Missing Life" - begun.

Alex Daw said...

bloody norah. I'm impressed. Very impressed. Poetry is such good stuff. On a par with knitting I'd say. No really. Warm and fuzzy and laboured over long and hard. Knitting and poetry do have a lot in common I reckon. Though wine I fear can interfere with knitting whereas it can do much to improve poetry....well mine at any rate. Well done Steve for joining bloggers. You have made a good fist of it. I can't even get cracking with blogging. they seem to have stopped me already as a suspected spammer for goodness sake. You have inspired me to greater heights. Alex aka Luvvie

liliboolicious said...

Well, well, well...who would have thought that Steve - introduced to me as a children's clown - could write so beautifully. All hail to you Steve...and your missing life, which when considered thoughtfully isn't missing at all...it's rather like the space between atoms...totally present and expansive. Looking forward to reading much, much more!

Lucy said...

I don't know you Steve, but I wanted to say you write a great poem! Love it :)