Sunday, 3 February 2013

Laundromat Post punk

The Sunday Best do their Sunday best in the local laundrette in West End, Brisbane today.  Local boys Peter Stewart, singer/songwriter on keyboards and lead guitar. Peter Young on drums, and Trevor Jordan on base (unidentified on dryer).They did a great set of driving post punk original songs to an appreciative audience of about thirty or forty. The laundromat was open for business as usual and a couple of people turned up and went about their washing chores oblivious to the music. The audience was invited to put a gold coin oin the launndry machines to help offset the cost of lost revenue to the owner. Great idea. Great fun. Very loud inside. You're never too old to punk it up.


sarah toa said...

That is just brilliant.

Melba said...

Love it too, especially 'unidentified on dryer'