Sunday, 16 December 2012

Summer backyard

 Ginger Ginger Ginger Tomato Poinciana.

The heat drips off me like a waterfall.
My keyboard sweats.
The house behaves like a sauna,
It captures the sun
Converting it to a steam bath.

Memories of Vanuatu.
It's ginger lined streets
It's verdant backyards
It's cool sea breezes
tease me.
                   I swelter in the presence of
                    ginger ginger ginger

                    Summer is a two timing season
                    It promises clear skies
                    Beach scenes.
                    Productive gardens
                    Never ending days of light.

                    Delivers a human hell
                    Burns us up
                    Ignoring our protestations of innocence
                    Causes us to wish away
                    Our precious days.

                   Love and hate
                   Beauty and beastliness
                                                                                   Ginger tomatoes poinciana.
                                                                                   Hot colours
                                                                                   Cool nights