Sunday, 24 April 2011

Melbourne to Robe 1. - Melbourne

Melbourne to Robe 1

The Easter break has arrived. Though I’m not working it still feels necessary to treat it as a special holiday event. Andrea (working) and I (not working) have decided to take a 10 day break which will be extended to 14 days for me, one of the perks of “not working”. We flew to Melbourne on Friday the 15th and then on the Monday (18th) jumped in a hire car to drive to Robe in South Australia – there to meet some old friends for the Easter weekend.

Melbourne was great as usual. We explored its inner city laneways, had dinner with Andrea’s brother on Brunswick Street and drove to the far beaches of the Mornington Peninsular with her cousin and two boys (see photos). I took my togs but decided against a swim.

We also spent an evening with a distant relative in the hope of unraveling another part of the family history. It’s a long story and it’s the one I’m working on this year with the goal of producing a draft of a book length account of the journey. I will post an account of the evening with the O’Brians soon.

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