Tuesday, 22 March 2011

My Mona Lisa - Magpie 59

Magpie 59 - For more Writers click here

I love a room that's big and blank

calm and clean and


Freshly painted with

light pouring in

reflecting from the off white walls.

A place to meditate on nothingness

absorbing a zen moment

breathing ......space

but then .....

I love a home with character

full of personality and

a lifetime of stories

Walls filled with paintings

and hangings and collectables

each with their history

Surfaces crammed with photos

and objects from childhood

and reminders of exotic destinations

And one of which I never tire

a spirit painting beguiling me every day

with its unfathomable meaning

Beyond my understanding

from a country I can never inhabit

my Mona Lisa.

Spirit Wife

Wandjina Spirit ............................ Enigmatic Spirit


Marilyn & Jeff said...

This is such a good write ...you had me agreeing about a big blank room, that it would becalm and clean but then I love the sound of a home full of character, full of bits and pieces of life and meaning. Excellent.
I have just read your t Patrick's colonoscopy piece - I can understand it fully, been there done that, hope you had good results ...but it is such a good write too.

Anonymous said...

Having spent years with clutter I did away with it all (almost) and enjoy so much the freedom it offers ... then I open my bedroom door (barely) and squeeze into the one room that has everything in it that used to be in the rest of the house

Anonymous said...

Lovely post, that is the lovely thing about art, we can be there in whatever landscape we view.
You'd love my house, not a blank space in sight, Mammy spends too much time writing!!
Hope you are feeling well after your hospital visit.

Cad said...

Interesting trio at the end of your post...A collection for your blank wall, then?

Anonymous said...

Your personal Mona Lisa...what a very interesting take. Enjoyed. Vb

Helen said...

Simplify is my motto .. calm, clean with a few choice pieces of art. With the perfect balance of 'reality' thrown in for good measure. Your Magpie reflects that perfectly.

Lyn said...

A country house and a city house, perhaps...and a painting to beguile...I'll take a Vermeer!!

little hat said...

Marilyn = colonoscopy all clear can't decide on the right balance between stuff and no stuff
Jane - we have a room just like that at the moment. The house has been repaointed. For the moment it's 80% clean 20% clutter
Brigid - My walls are geerally wall to wall paintings. we've just removed them all to paint. I want them back, but do i want them all back at the same time. Wish I had an art store-room.
Cad - two of those are originals of mine (guess which ones). The walls won't be blank for long.
Helen - yes balance is the challenge. Character without clutter. On the other hand I have been in homes I adore which are just crammed with stuff.
Lyn - ahhh! what a dream.

Tess Kincaid said...

I love clean lines, as well, but I've chosen the cluttered romantic route. (Glad to hear you checked out a-okay!)

Tumblewords: said...

Strong resonance in this delightful prompt response.

Short Poems said...

You are a wonderful poet. The words flow so perfectly. Love it :)
Have a nice week ahead :)