Friday, 17 December 2010

Magpie 45 - When the chips are down

Mary's off to the casino
she's looking to crack the jackpot,
sick of living in a stable,
fed up with this baby being born again every year,
she wants to move on.

She's an icon in stained glass
in every catherdal on the planet.
But does she benefit?
Does she get the royalties?

Then along comes the big break,
some artist gives her a red casino chip for a halo,
must be worth something.
It's a sign from ..............
she pauses
then sees that the little one has a deck of cards attached to his head
another sign.
This time she's not asking.

The temple of money is close by
and she's making a B-line for it.
She knows how luck works.
She was picked from millions of others
Lucky? Unlucky?
It's a don't ask questions world.
A don't look a gift ass in the mouth
She doesn't hesitate.

The little fella is only young
but he's showing a lot of promise.
He has a gift for numbers.
It's the roulette table she 's got in mind.

There's a concierge at the door.
Sorry luv, no sandals in the gaming room
and no children.
She's been brought up to be humble
but this is really getting up her nose.
Don't you know who I am
she challenges him.
Sorry luv
I don't care if you're the mother of god
I gotta follow the rules.
I didn't make em.
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Helen said...

This is clever and fun to read ... I've read it three times so I should know!

Anonymous said...

That's some kind of funny! Poor Mary! I truly, not just being nice, loved this poem

Kathe W. said...

I love love love this! You are so dang clever! To see all those details and go with it- you got the jackpot on this one!
(pun intended)
and thanks for writing me with suggestions for the little kitty's name- I really like the name Spot....have a great weekend!

Berowne said...

Fresh and creative -- thanks.

The Reason You Come said...

I enjoyed reading this! Cleverly written!

Jinksy said...

She's been brought up to be humble
but this is really getting up her nose.

I do love your take in this prompt! Smiles all round...

Sue J said...

This was very different and entertaining. Nice Magpie.

Tess Kincaid said...

She knows how luck works. Clever piece, Steve. Well done!

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

lovely humor.
your poetry rocks.

Cad said...

Oh, yes! LOL

Stafford Ray said...

Almost missed this one Steve, so glad I popped in! Tired of bearing a child every year! And the casino chip, and the cards!! have you no shame?? haha!

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year
I enjoy reading your posts ,its like each word is felt within ,very amazing feeling