Monday, 27 July 2009

Broome to Broome

Back from Broome via Kunnunurra and the Gibb River Road.

For those not familiar with that part of the world we're talking about the remote north west of Australia between the Northern Territory border and the pearl coastline of the Dampier Peninsular.
The Broome area has a long history of many cultures working within the pearling industry. Japanese, English, Indonesian and Indigenous communities all worked side by side, not always harmoniously.

Gibb River Road (Denis and I and the Hummer)
We spent 3 days at Cape Leveque, 200 Km north of Broome (about which there is a story coming featuring camping disasters, long distance phonecalls and enforced sleeping under the stars) before returning to Broome for our big trek along the Gibb River Road and back.

The Gibb River Road is 600 kms of dirt road though stony spinifex plains interrupted by occasional ranges and massive river systems, most of which are dry at this time of year. We took the challenge in our rented Hummer - another story in the pipeline.

Cape Leveque (East Beach looking west)

Four of us on a 21 day epic of camping, dust, stunning gorges and swimming holes (Manning River story to come), indigenous communities, did I mention red dust, vast landscapes, inspiring optimism and hundreds of fellow 4WD adventurers - and lots of exciting indigenous art pieces, two of which came home with us.

I could give a running commentary in retrospect? On second thoughts maybe just the three main stories and some commentary on some great photos (if i do say myself).

And so back to work. Yawn.

Wandjina Gorge (and freshwater friend)

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