Monday, 26 January 2009

Little Hat - the origins of my new blog identity

It's a long story which I shall try and keep short. Sort of an interesting story for this "Australia Day"

Basically my great grandfather Lorenzo, travelled to Australia and settled in Northern NSW using the name Capelin. Everyone in the extended family was a Capelin.

However some recent family research unearthed his marriage certificate which had him married in Sydney under a different name - Perin. A further check was made of the passenger list of the ship on which he ultimately arrived. The "James Patterson's" passenger list also had him as Perin. Alarm bells sounded and the detective work began. Unfortunately, even trips to Veneto in Italy by distant cousins following this lead unearthed nothing but a theory - which goes like this.

Perin seems to be a name associated with the Austro-Italians of the alps north of Veneto. Perhaps the family had, at some point in time, migrated down to the plains. So far so good, but why the change in name? Well, it happens that Italian families were often known by their craft or some other characteristic - the Grosettis were the fat mob for example. Capelin, in Italian means "little hat' and we have concocted the story that maybe the Perin/Capelins continued to wear their traditional Austrian hats after their move to the plains - you know the little ones with a feather and worn with short pants! and became known as the Capelins. Best we can do to understand the mystery at this stage.
cappellino = hat
cappellini = hats
piccolo cappelino = little hat
Doesn't quite work: Steve Piccolo Cappellino
Lucky they were Italo-Austrian.
If they were German speaking Austrian I'd be Steve Wenig Hat


Luvvie said...

love the photo! What an intriguing story. I shall be keeping an eye out for the Perin/Capelin mob now.

MostLusty said...

But what if I think of you as Capo?

little hat said...

Capo's fine. I'll answer to any number of possible names - except the unkind ones. Is it strange having my blog name suddenly change. I know my daughter was devestated when she heard the Capelin/Perin story for the first time. It was like someone had stolen her identity.
Only one person actually calls me little hat - a young staff member who thought that the concept was so funny i became Mr. Little Hat. My authority was gone.
I'll be whatever you call me.

MostLusty said...

Thanks for that Capo. My universe is back on its axis, aligned once again. Yes, the name change was somewhat strange for me. But hey, I have my own aliases.