Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Malta and Gozo photos - some favourites

The beach at Xlendi on Gozo.

Fort St Angelo early morning from Valletta.

Near the Victoria Gate, Grand Harbour, Valletta

Valletta streetscape looking towards Sliema

At rest, early morning.

Dr Who's Tardis near the Bridge Bar and above Victoria Gate
Fort St Angelo early morning.


Queen of the Tea Cosies said...

Lordy! Noice pics Steve

The Art Blogger 54 said...

Nice pix Steve. Correction required though: Old red Pommie phone box is not representative of Dr. Who's Tardis. The Tardis was (is?) a blue Police phone box - used by them in the days before radios and mobile phones etc. They were a lot bigger than the one you saw.

Amazed it's still there. Is it still actually used as a phone box? There are still a lot about but many are not in use and don't even have phones in them. You can buy them for £1. Serious. They just want to get rid of them.

Been to Gozo once back in the 70's and visited Malta quite a few times when I was in the Navy and the Poms still had a base there - HMS St. Angelo. Nice place, nice beaches.

little hat said...

Correct Gary. Much bigger. Cavernous in fact - according to the experience of the one The Doctor has.
Don't think the Malta box was a working phone booth. Didn't need to try - I had a mobile, which wouldn't work in the middle of the Mediterranean, so gave up on phones.
You back at Murwillumbah this year? Andrea and I are firming up our New Year plans and Tassie's place is on our short list.